Prestwood Nature

Supporting our wildlife this autumn

It’s been a difficult few months for our wildlife. The very hot, dry summer was a challenge in itself, and then bore consequences in terms of condensing the usual timing of fruit set and ripening.

Follow these links for a few simple things that you can do to give our wildlife a helping hand throughout the autumn and in the build-up to winter. Take a look here for ideas:

Aims of Prestwood Nature

The primary aim of Prestwood Nature is to: Enhance the quality of the natural environment through the involvement of local people.

We do this by:

  1. Restoring and maintaining sites to preserve natural resources
  2. Guided walks led by knowledgeable members to increase awareness of the natural environment
  3. Arrange talks on subjects of interest to our members
  4. Produce a regular newsletter for members
  5. Maintain records of plant and animal life in order to see how the environment is changing in response to climate change and other pressures

See our Activities page for more about what we do.

Prestwood Nature Newsletters

The current version of the newsletter is reserved for members only but we are building up an archive of past issues that are available for anyone to download.   Find it on our Membership Page.

These are the places we work at

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